Thai Sweet Chilli (2020)
Directed by Raydrick Feliciana

Creative documentary, Belgium, 2020, 8 min, Digital HD,
4:3, Colour. Language: English

Password available upon request

A trip inside a mind living life on the edge of constant paralysis, courtesy of indecision and illusions of choice.


concept, edit, direction: Raydrick Feliciana
sound and development: Jenny Schellenberg, Tizian Heinsohn
cinematography and grip: Siddharth Govindan
colour grading: Diego Quinderé de Carvalho
producer: Doc Nomads
supervisors: Flo Flamme, Kwinten van Leathem
editing advisor: Gert van Berckelaer
consultants: Frederik Nicolai, Daphné Pascual
special thanks: Nora Ananyan, Bálint Bíro, Rajae Bouardi, Hernan Baron Comacho, Zsófia Paczolay, Totti Solari, Alexander Sußmann, Andrés Cornejo, Sarah Khalid, Osama Ahmed Khan

This film was made as part of the DOC NOMADS program, sponsored and supervised by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission.

© 2024 Raydrick Feliciana